<strong>Dvali Irakli</strong>
Dvali IrakliPresident
Dvali Irakli works as Risk Management Director for insurance compay JSP GPI Holding. He is in charge of Risk Management, Underwriting and Reinsurance Operations.

<strong>Badri Japaridze</strong>
Badri JaparidzeChairman
Badri Japaridze holds a number of board memberships, including Vice Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of the TBC Bank; he is also currently the Vice President of the TBC Group.

<strong>Marianne Bols</strong>
Marianne BolsHonorary Consul of Georgia.
Founder of Fair Trees.
Board member of FTF.
<strong>Lars Bols</strong>
Lars BolsFounder of Fair Trees. Board member of FTF. Field manager Fair Trees.
<strong>Kai Battenberg</strong>
Kai BattenbergAdvicer, sustainable production