Fair Trade® is founded on 10 essential principles, made very tangible by Fair Trees®

  1. To create opportunities for financially weak producers
    Fair Trees contributes to the economic development in the Ambrolauri-Tlugi region where our seeds are collected.
  2. Transparency and responsibilty.
    Fair Trees has entered transparent cooperation agreements with our Georgian business partners.
  3. Responsible trade praxis.
    Fair Trees contributes to the economic and social welfare of the Georgian cone pickers. Furthermore, our suppliers are committed to respecting agreements and delivering their products on time and in accordance with the required quality and product specifications.
  4. Fair prices.
    Fair Trees guarantees the Georgian cone pickers steady and fair wages for their work.
  5. Avoid child and forced labour.
    Fair Trees guarantees that no child or forced labor is involved.
  6. Anti-discrimination, equality and freedom of association.
    Fair Trees supports the development of rights for Georgian cone pickers, including the right to form unions and negotiate collective labor agreements.
  7. Healthy and safe working conditiions.
    Through safety equipment, safety training courses and work-related injury insurances, Fair Trees is creating the best possible working conditions.
  8. Augmentation of capacity.
    Fair Trees contributes to the development of competency through subsidized education in the Ambrolauri-Tlugi region.
  9. To further fair trade.
    Fair Trees mission is to raise awareness about Fair Trade, i.e. increased fairness in trans-border trading.
  10. Sustainable environmental administration.
    Fair Trees ensures the production of cones and Christmas trees with the lowest possible impact on the environment.