Hvad kind of projects do we support?

Via social projects Fair Trees Fund support the local population in and around Ambrolauri in Georgia.

Applications for individual support:

We grant scholarships to young people wishing to expand their skills through education.

We support persons that have an injury, serious illness or a disability.

Applications for support for organisations:

We support projects within the sectors of health, education, sports and environment for the benefit of the local population in the area of Ambrolauri. Se examples of projects which have previously been supported here.

Who can apply for support?

Fair Trees Fund supports the local population in the area of Ambrolauri, which is the same area where the seeds for Fair Trees are harvested.

You can apply for support as an individual or as an organisation.

If you are applying as an individual you must have residence in the Ambrolauri area at the time you apply.

If you are applying on behalf of an organisation your project must benefit the local population in and around Ambrolauri. You can see examples of previously supported projects here

How to apply for support:

You may apply for support from Fair Trees Fund by filling out our application form. You always have to attach a detailed budget for the funds you apply for. FOr larger projects you also have to attach an in depth project description.

Apply for individual support

Apply on behalf of an organisation