The Fair Trees Foundation (FTF) is an NGO dedicated to support Georgia’s contributions and obligations to reach Global SDGs, CBD, UNFCCC, Low Emission Development Strategy (LEDS) implementation and obligations to Reduce Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD). Its activities are in compliance with ILO and Fair-Trade principles as well as following sustainable natural resource management through e.g. EU Organic and FSC standards

Since 2009 FTF has been collaborating with MSMEs in Georgia, with the mission of improving the livelihood of workers in the agriculture- and wild collection industries, their families and their community, through securing better working conditions, -rights and salaries, and by improving healthcare, education and infrastructure with sustainable investments in the regions where the workers live and work. FTF operates in close collaboration with local stakeholders to ensure a participatory, gender-balanced approach in management and decision making as well as due-diligence and traceability for investments and production of goods and services.

FTF has already ensured a vast improvement of the value chain for sustainable production of Christmas trees, working closely with stakeholders in key European markets and improving capabilities and conditions of the Georgian workers. This has secured better pay for workers, safety and livelihood conditions, as well as a range of sustainable investments in the Georgian community.

Through more than 10 years FTF has been committed to the 10 Fair Trade principles, as well as every UN sustainable development goal that falls under its scope of operation.

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