The Fair Trees Fund is committed to promoting sustainable livelihoods for workers in the Christmas tree cone harvesting industry in the Racha region of Georgia. Our mission is to secure better working conditions, fair wages, and improved healthcare, education, and infrastructure for workers, their family and their communities. We achieve this through various social investment programmes, such our local dental clinic offering free treatments, awarding of university and vocational scholarships, partnering with local clinics to offer free cancer screenings and much more. We set out clear goals for all our activities, for instance we are determined to offer free dental care to every child in the region.

We believe in a participatory, gender-balanced approach to decision-making and management, and we collaborate closely with local stakeholders to ensure due diligence and traceability for our investments and other activities. We collaborate with foreign benefactors, who’s goals and values align with ours, as their local project partner in the region, to help make their social investments and efforts have maximum impact.

By working with MSMEs in Georgia and other partners, we aim to improve the value chain for sustainable production of forest products, including Christmas trees. This will be achieved through the development of safety standards, which we will work towards a wide adaptation of in the industry. Our goal is to create positive social and environmental impacts that benefit workers, communities, and the planet by realizing our vision of a world where forest products are sustainably managed and their responsible use benefits communities.

We support Georgia’s contributions and obligations to achieve the United Nations’ Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a particular focus on SDG 12: responsible production and consumption. Our activities comply with International Labour Organization and Fair-Trade principles, as well as sustainable natural resource management standards such as EU Organic and FSC standards. Read more about Fair Trees and the UN SDGs here: