The Fair Trees Fund is focused on the Georgian cone pickers. Each Fair Trees cone picker receives work and health insurance for themselves and health insurance for their families.

The Fund purchases quality approved safety equipment to the highest European standard. The fund also provides first aid courses to both cone pickers, their families and specific groups in the local population eg. teachers.

For the Fair Trees Fund, it is important that decisive development takes place for the entire community. The Fair Trees Fund grants funds to improve educational facilities in schools. The fund has its own dental clinic, which offers free dental care to all children in the area.

In addition, the fund offers free health checks to the area’s children every year. The fund also offers specific health surveys to the local population (e.g. cancer screening).

The fund awards scholarships for university education to Georgian students from the local area.

The Foundation works to raise awareness of sustainability and the environment – for example, on preserving the more than 100-year-old primary forest from which the cones are harvested.