The Fair Trees Fund initiates projects contributing to the development of the Ambrolauri-Tlugi region of Georgia, one of Europe’s poorest countries. High unemployment, limited formal schooling, low income and poor infrastructure are all part of the reality for a large group of the 4 million people of Georgia.

Eighty per cent of all the Christmas trees sold in Europe originate from seeds grown in this particular region of Ambrolauri-Tlugi. The Fair Trees Fund grants the funds for the improvement of teaching facilities in three local schools, comprising a total of 600 students. Additionally, the Fund works to ensure medical and dental assistance to the local population of Ambrolauri-Tlugi, and awards university scholarships to Georgian students.

The Fair Trees Fund is also focused on the conditions of the Georgian cone pickers. Each Fair Trees cone picker is given the benefit of an employee insurance, and the Fund purchases certified safety equipment complying with the highest European standards.

Revenues for the work of the Fund are based on the sale of seeds, i.e. each kilo sold generates a donation, and on the sale of Fair Trees Christmas trees. The Fund also cooperates with private companies that support the work of the Fund in Georgia. Fair Trees Christmas trees are produced entirely by producers, who have signed a Fair Trees Producer’s Certificate. Fair Trees Christmas trees carry a separate numbered label. To learn more about Fair Trees Christmas trees visit