Global Goal # 1: Abolish poverty
The ‘Cone Pickers’ employed by Fair Trees have, via good pay and working conditions, improved their financial situation and become more self-sufficient.

Global Goal # 2: Stop Hunger
Better earnings allow for better diet and nutrition. Fair Trees Fund has implemented local awareness campaigns relating to health and well-being.

Global Goal # 3: Health and Well-Being
The ‘Fair Trees Fund’ has set up dental clinics in the Ambrolauri-Tlugi region of Georgia. From 2019 the women of the region have also been given the opportunity to access breast screening for early detection of cancer. Children are offered an annual medical checkup as well.

Global Goal # 4: Quality Education
The Fair Trees Fund provides educational resources to local schools of the region. The foundation has set up ‘University Scholarship Awards’ for Georgian students.

Global Goal # 5: Gender Equality
Fair Trees awards scholarships to women and men on the basis of equality.

Global Goal # 6: Clean water and sanitation
Through dedicated campaigns, Fair Trees raises awareness the importance of clean water and sanitation.

Global Goal # 7: Affordable and clean energy
Through information campaigns, Fair Trees supports the value and importance of the forest as a sustainable energy source. 

Global Goal # 8: Decent jobs and economic growth
The ‘Cone Pickers’ receive labour insurance and fair pay, along with safety training and specialist climbing equipment of the highest EU standard.

Global Goal # 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
Training of the cone pickers provides opportunity to work in other industries. Fair Trees showcases innovative solutions in a traditional industry.

Global Goal # 10: Less Inequality
The Fair Tees effort in Ambrolauri-Tlugi contributes to increased prosperity and security and thus less inequality.

Global Goal # 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
Fair Trees works on the basis of both organic and sustainable production.

Global Goal # 12: Responsible consumption and production
Fair Trees allows consumers to choose a sustainable purchase of Christmas trees.

Global Goal # 13: Climate Action
With ecological certification and production of Christmas trees based on sustainable principles, Fair Trees contributes positively to the climate. For each Christmas tree sold, a new Fair Trees Christmas tree is planted. In addition, Nordmann Fir is one of the plant species that binds the most CO2 per acre.

Global Goal # 14: Life below water
Fair Trees supports information campaigns about sustainable fishing and brood care.

Global Goal # 15: Life on land
Fair Trees gently harvests cones from the more than 100-year-old primeval forest in the Caucasus and with due care for its natural resources. The forest is an important part of the boreal forest, the world’s largest and most important ecosystem.

Global Goal # 16: Peace Justice and Strong Institutions
Cone pickers have the right to organize themselves and we support them in this.

Global Goal # 17 Partnerships for Action
Fair Trees is a global concept for ethical and sustainable production of seeds and Christmas trees. By including other producers and partnerships such as the Red Cross SOS Children’s Villages, the FSC, the World Natural Fund and Save the Children, funds are generated to achieve the goals.

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