Fair Trees Foundation ensures access to education for Georgian children through the ”LEGO Learning through play programme” – https://www.legofoundation.com/en/what-we-do/playfutures/explorations/getting-started-with-learning-through-play/

In May 2017 the Foundation donated LEGO bricks to more than 800 local children. The teachers of the local schools in Ambrolauri have received training from Save the Children, how to incorporate LEGO bricks in day-to-day teaching to benefit both teachers and pupils.

In September teachers and pupils were educated in DRR (Disaster Risk Reduction) by means of the LEGO bricks (please see the pictures).


The pupils also made small projects with the LEGO bricks. I was especially fond of the Christmas tree plantation with the cone pickers in the treetops – and that they were wearing safety helmets!

Scholarship: Jibo studies environment and ecology at the Tbilisi State University. Marianne Bols handed Jibo a computer.

Forest tourism::The Foundation has started cooperating with the travel agency Albatros Travel. In September we received guests from Denmark, Norway and Finland. They visited the beautiful forest Tlugi, a cone picker family, the local wine factory and the dental clinic (please see the pictures).