When Christmas trees are brought into Danish and other European living rooms, it’s important to be aware of the role played by Georgia, seeing that more than 80% of all Christmas trees sold in Europe originate from seeds grown in the Ambrolauri-Tlugi region of that country.

Georgia deserves the attention of Christmas tree growers as well as consumers. We are dealing with the poorest country in Europe. High unemployment, poor schooling, low incomes and appalling infrastructure are what a large part of the four million Georgian inhabitants are faced with every day.

Georgia, which was once part of the former Soviet Union, is situated in the western and central Caucasus. To get its share of global growth and welfare it has basically one chance – to be willing to enter into fair cooperation agreements. This is especially true for the terms of employment and the working conditions of the Georgian cone pickers, who ensure that the very best and most popular European Christmas trees can continue to be produced. That is why the Bols’ concept is called FAIR TREES®.