In order to sell Fair Trees® it is important that you can meet a number of standards. These standards help to ensure that all Fair Trees are supplied by producers who can guarantee quality, transparency and ethically responsible production. Such guarantees are essential to provide the peace of mind in avoiding unpleasant consumer responses and adverse attention in the media.

These are the requirements for the production and sale of Fair Trees:

  1. You move toward Globalgab certification or other relevant certification
  2. You cooperate with local unions for fair working conditions and wage agreements
  3. You commit to produce Fair Trade trees in the future
  4. You agree and conform to the Fair Trees producers’ code of conduct. Contact us for more information.


All Fair Trade trees are sold with a specific Fair Trade approved label attached to them, ensuring the buyer’s recognition of the product. There’s also a short text for the buyer about the advantages of Fair Trade products. If you wish, you are free to place your own label on the tree, so that the tree has two labels. Each label costs € 1,25 each and 0,675 € goes directly to social help, through Fair Trees Funds.