The tradition of bringing the Christmas tree into the living room only started becoming popular towards the end of the 19th century in Germany. Back then, the Christmas tree was brought in directly from the woods, which is why it looked different from the modern Christmas tree, which is cultivated professionally to ensurie durability and a well-proportioned appearance.

To check that your Christmas tree is fresh, simply pull a branch gently through your hand to see if the needles fall off.

Before bringing the Christmas tree into your living room, you should keep it in a sheltered, unheated place.

Above all, your Christmas tree should be placed in a stand with a capacity of at least four litres. Furthermore, it is important to water the tree over Christmas. This prevents the tree from losing its needles and ensures that the scent and the colour of the tree are preserved.

As much as possible, keep the Christmas tree away from heat sources such as wood stoves, radiators and yes, even television sets.