Donation August 2010
Colgate-Palmolive and LEGO® have contributed to this year’s donations in Ambrolauri-Tlugi. In connection with the cooperation between Bols Xmas Tree Fund and Colgate-Palmolive, the children in the area have received packets containing toothbrushes, toothpaste and games. At the same time, the Bols Xmas Tree Fund has established a travelling dental clinic, allowing the citizens of Ambrolauri-Tlugi to receive the necessary dental treatment every six months.
LEGO® has donated toys to the three schools in the area, and the Bols Xmas Tree Fund continuously contributes to the renovation and development of the school system in Georgia by purchasing school books, fencing in the school yard and by financing a “scholarship” for one of the teachers to visit Denmark to study.
Moreover, the Bols Xmas Tree Fund makes sure that the people in Ambrolauri-Tlugi have access to medical attention.